Community Bee Keeping Project at Inginimitiya Irrigation Scheme [2023]
February 12, 2024

Support to Grand Smile Elders Home, Haputale[2024]

The primary objective of this Care facility, initiated in 2008, is to provide improved care for marginalized and isolated individuals who are elderly, differently-abled and who are also in need of special mental health care.

The inmates are mostly from tea plantations and adjoining villages. The management aims to give them greater care based on their requirements, with the hope of enhancing their overall physical and mental well-being. Every facility is provided given free of charge to the inmates, including food, lodging, medical facilities, and transportation when needed to the medical clinic, thanks to the continued support of generous donors and benefactors.

IDEAS provided a grant of Rs 250,000 in February 2024 to procure much needed crockery, cutlery, gas stoves, flasks and bed linen. I/D/E/A/S will also provide a recurrent monthly grant of Rs 25,000 over an initial period of 1 year to help bridge the deficit in the operational funds of the Grand Smile Elders’ Home.