Response To The Tsunami Disaster Of 2004
October 16, 2004

Setting up bee keeping project for disabled soldiers, Wathupitiwela [2003]

When the Ranaviru Seva Authority of Sri Lanka submitted a project proposal in February 2003, I/D/E/A/S obliged by extending financial support for a bee keeping project that was implemented in the Ranavirugama, Wathupitiwela, Gampaha for the welfare of disabled soldiers, war widows and families living there.

This Project was inaugurated with the objectives of securing additional income, providing skills training, and making available a nutritious food item by way of bees’ honey. The project was also a means to creating a hobby for the disabled soldiers to occupy their valuable time.

14 households were given bee boxes containing bees. They were provided the necessary training on the maintenance of the boxes and harvesting the honey. As the bee colonies expanded, some households were provided with additional bee boxes. The harvested bees’ honey was sold at Ayurveda medical centers in Gampaha district and local shops.

It was noted that the beneficiary families managed to improve their overall psychosocial and financial well-being through successful implementation of this initiative.


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