Anthurium Plant Nursery [2019]
January 17, 2019
Silver Gold Jeweller [2019]
March 15, 2019

Briquettes Producer [2019]

Manjula Jayampathy has been an entrepreneur conducting an operation that converts bio waste, such as paddy/oats husks and saw dust, to briquettes. Briquettes are utilized in different industries including the tea industry. These are considered to be more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient than traditional wood as a source of energy. I/D/E/A/S provided Jayampathy a grant cum loan to support setting up a new production site in Kirilawala, Kadawatha.

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October 20, 2003

Setting up bee keeping project for disabled soldiers, Wathupitiwela [2003]

When the Ranaviru Seva Authority of Sri Lanka submitted a project proposal in February 2003, I/D/E/A/S obliged by extending financial support for a bee keeping project that was implemented in the. ..
February 12, 2024

Community Bee Keeping Project at Inginimitiya Irrigation Scheme [2023]

D/E/A/S initiated a Bee keeping Development Project in March 2023, at the Inginimitiya Irrigation scheme in Puttalam district. The project is implemented by Infotechs-IDEAS with the active support of the Inginimitiya Irrigation Department staff.